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Toro & Hare Design Studio: Helping the Next Wave Standout With 10 Rules For Good Design

Welcoming a friend from across the world, Hashwriter is happy to introduce the craft-cannabis world to a designer for the next evolution of brands. Coming all the way from Taiwan, Toro & Hare’s new studio & website are open and equipped with everything from design and merch, to the toiling tasks of packaging and labeling design. Let’s check out some of his incredible work, including the cover of The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition before talking about his process and 10 rules for good design

brand logo hashwriter
Follow him on IG @toroandhare and visit

Mac-Daddy Introduced

I was somewhat amazed with our first conversation a year or two back, as a call from Taiwan asking for my writing isn't exactly typical. Having seen his work here and there, I was blown away by a project, mesmerized at his ability to adapt brand design into an array of different assets. Starting with a base logo and design, he has the vision to adapt custom artwork into parallel themes for each cultivar of cannabis, for example. His work with Mac and @SouthFaceFarms is incredible and really speaks for itself, tying together SouthFaceFarms, Uncle_Macs, & Flower Wheel Nursery.

Zig-Zag Art

After seeing his work with @SouthFaceFarms and @Uncle_mac's, it was his Zig Zag series putting the talent level over the top. Bringing in a few other artists for a small display of expertise, each artist redesigned the class zig-zag rolling paper logos to their suited style. In the end, all three are better than the original. With a team of like minded artists and graphic media experts, Toro and Hare are capable of achieving memorable results like these for your brand.

The Hashish Manifesto 2nd Edition Hardcover

Finding someone to combine timeless or classic features with Hashwriter’s rough and raw message, would need to leave an indelible mark. Thankfully, Toro and Hare came to the rescue and knocked this design out of the park. Timeless, yet HashWriter vibing through and through. He might be the only artist outside the confines of state prison to produce something so appealing. He also produced the vector dab design in our newest Hashwriter Social Logo.

Logo Design by toro and Hare studio
Vector Dab Shot by Toro and Hare Design Studio

10 Rules of Good Design

With clients feeling less than informed on design processes and major decisions, Toro and Hare helps to inform clients on the rules of design. In order to develop a timeless and classic logo that can be used extensively and in a variety of positions, locations, or file types, these guys have you covered with ten rules of good design:

  1. Essential

  2. Functional

  3. Honorable

  4. Innovative

  5. Coherent

  6. Artistic

  7. Long-Lasting

  8. Meticulous

  9. Unobtrusive

  10. Eco-Friendly

Following these ten rules of good design lead to a place of balance and harmony- the sweet spot. Success.

A Clearly Defined Process

Toro and Hare have clearly defined the process as well, with five R's for ultimate success. The five R's making-up the process are:

  1. Research

  2. Rough

  3. Refine

  4. Revise

  5. Render

During the research phase he will gather a collection of inspiration while they help envision the vibe, feel, & design of the brand. After a thorough investigation, rough drafts are sketched on an Ipad for easy changes or additions. Once an idea comes to light it enters the Vector phase for detailed design. Next he refines the design, choosing colors and fonts, while making small adjustments. Once everything is laid out, colors and fonts in place, they render final assets to bring your brand alive. Spelling out the process ahead of time helps the client to reach their ideal design.

Completely Unique

Unlike a long list of other designers, everything Toro and Hare puts out is fully original, drawn, sketched, and digitized. It has become relatively common to use pre-made design features and assets, combining them into a logo. While the final product is somewhat original, each of the features that make up the work are anything but. Not that there's anything wrong with using stock assets, we do it enough, but all original assets set the art, artist, and your brand apart.


Toro and Hare have the chops to make the mic drop. Get in touch and check out their incredible new website at to bring a breathing, feeling, and refreshing brand image to life.



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