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Hanzo Gardens: Cherry Kush & The Missing Teenage Mutant (Garden) Ninja Turtle?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Despite our humble beginnings writing about various California retail solventless brands in an effort to reach the largest number of consumers, an endless array of craft-quality hash and rosin brands now dot the country from coast to coast. Hallelujah-Hashish! We've already chronicled a few and look forward to bringing many more into the limelight beginning with @Hanzo_Gardens.

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After googling "Ninja Titles" trying to come up with a catchy rip to name this article, Ninja Turtles filled the search results. From their earliest years fighting for a spot in the sewer to full-blown celebrity stardom, The Teenage Mutant (Garden) Ninja Turtle must have been missing. My childhood heroes and their pizza eating obsession, make more sense knowing the missing turtle had a wicked green thumb.

hanzo gardens asian inspired dragon logo on round grey backdrop

Hanzo Gardens Brings the Hash

Enough playing around, it's time to jump straight into the details that @Hanzo_Gardens was kind enough to disclose. The nitty gritty details like this rarely come out, despite giving hash makers the opportunity to disclose as much or as little information as they please. As a single-source hash maker hailing out of Washington State, the Garden Ninja (Turtle) sets his sights on growing the best indoor cannabis for fresh frozen harvests and solventless hash making.

Ice Water Hash Pile on Parchment Paper
Garden Ninja Ice Water Hashish Pile

Well known to Washington locals, his indoor operation includes Royal Gold soil under LED Luxx 630 lighting. His solo-run, single-source operation includes a few unique cuts he has hung onto over the years, like this Cherry Kush that was impeccable. With an eleven week flowering period she is well worth... the wait & weight.

While enlightened by a small sample, one that barely lived long enough for proper photos to be taken, it hit on every note and checked every box defining craft-quality concentrates. In a cleanly stickered black jar, the Cherry Kush (70-149u) Live Rosin Badder created a perfect balance of sweet and savory, while triggering a new descriptor for complex cultivars.

Ice Water hashish Jars
Ice Water Hashish Garden Ninja Style

While the flavor isn't necessarily new or unique, it was the perfectly pronounced representation of flavor that instantly clarified a descriptive title for taste, pertaining to the highly unlikely spatial dimension. It requires a clean phenotype of quality cannabis to retain a spatial dimension to the flavor of the dab, but when it's apparent, it's nearly impossible to mistake.

Just under the sweetness of cherry and vanilla gas sits a second dimension of flavor, known to GMO staples and its crosses. While a layered taste that unveils itself as it undergoes vaporization, changing flavor once or twice through the duration of the dab is common enough, this Cherry Kush piles it all on at once. Separating flavors instead by a clear mental imagery of space, allowing all aspects to meet and greet from different levels. There's an ability to notice and experience several different features of flavors simultaneously, which stacks a spatial dimension to the interpretation of the dab. What the Ninja referred to as a GMO "Gash," provides context to the depth of this unique profile and flavor.

Cherry Kush Cannabis
Cherry Kush Gets the Chop

Cannabis has always shaped its most meaningful flavors and their perceptions through imagined scenarios, dejá vū, comparisons to foods and flavors, along with a mental imagery created, helping to remember and decipher the taste of a given cultivar. These aspects are all common enough, however the spatial dimension of gas and what can only be described as garlic, are fairly unique to a handful of select modern cultivars. When done right, these cultivars unlock a second or third dimension of flavor that is exciting and truly enticing.

But no this isn't your standard cut of Cherry Kush and its parental units are unknown. Traditionally a combination of OG Kush X Purple Afghani (predecessors used in conjunction to create today's Girl Scout Cookies and eventually GMO (aka Garlic Cookies)), this Cherry Kush would appear to touch on similar flavor notes. Having been gifted clone-line genetics around six or seven years ago, @Hanzo_Gardens keeps these flavorful and powerful cuts on deck.

Cherry Kush cannabis strain growing tough
Cherry Kush Pre Harvest

While unique terpene profiles can create endless combinations of flavor, many miss on the effect, which remains our primary intention of smoking after-all. Not the Cherry Kush however, that fired on every note. To the average smoker she's certainly on the heavy side, a well welcomed relief.

cannabis flowers growing
A Bouquet of Cherry Kush

Summary with Hanzo Gardens

We were extremely delighted to bring some Washingtonian Hashish into the Hashwriter fold and look forward to highlighting numerous other small hash makers in the coming months. Stay tuned and be sure to give @Hanzo_Gardens a follow on Instagram. He's putting out phenomenal work right now and was a hugely refreshing change of pace that left us rip-roaring-stoned. New terroirs are always invited...


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