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Chicago Cold Cure Co.: Greenhouse Gold, Hold the Gatekeeping

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Keeping It Close to Home

The rosin market can be tough to navigate without a trusted source, particularly for those of us living outside the major hubs of solventless activity. For this reason, I've started to value transparency above all when it comes to procuring my meds. I sleep at night just fine having missed out on the most exotic flavors from an anonymous Telegram user because when I shop locally, I can get any question answered that I need and more. I get to learn how different aspects of the growing and hashing processes impact the final product, from substrate to lighting to nutrient feeds and technical nuances.

With freely-shared knowledge, not only am I able to figure out what I personally enjoy best, I also come to appreciate achievements in different categories rather than seeking a single type of experience. Indoor or sun-grown? KNF or JADAM? Sweet or gassy? My answer, invariably, is “yes”.

GMO live rosin smiley face baller jar
"The Smack That Smiles Back, GMOldfish"

COld Cure by The Windy CIty

One local brand making waves in the Chicago area is Chicago Cold Cure Co., based about an hour and change northwest of the eponymous city. Their recent collaboration with @ChiCity_Roots produced a round of rosins–not to be confused with Ronda Rousey, though both could put me in a headlock–to please most palates, including cultivars like GMO, Guava Jam, and last year’s Mobile Jay-bred rising star Superboof, AKA Blockberry. The genetics, selected by ChiCity_Roots, were grown out in a double polyfilm greenhouse in 50-gallon pots using a custom blend of compost, peat, perlite and an equal mix of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soils. Pots were amended lightly with insect frass and top-dressed with a cover crop and a layer of alpaca manure. Throughout the season, the plants were strategically fed various JADAM Liquid Fertilizer (JLF) recipes, prepared through anaerobic fermentation using leaf mold and compost alongside key ingredients.

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Soil Science

First, a JLF containing nettle and burdock was applied in the vegetative state. According to ChiCity, burdock is rich in trace minerals including magnesium, the central component of chlorophyll, which is essential for keeping up with the rapid growth onset caused by hormone secretions from the fermented nettle. To keep plants well-supplied with vital phosphorus through the transition to flower, a second JLF featuring pumpkin was used. Then, as the flowers ripened, the plants received a “terp tea” made from apples to provide sugars as the building blocks of robust terpenes. In all three concoctions, alpaca manure added humic and fulvic acids to help with nutrient uptake and increase microbial activity in the soil.

The Resin Results

Three miron jars of live hash rosin
Didn't need to go to O'Hare to catch this flight.

Live hash rosin
Clockwise from top left: GMO, Sugar Coat, Guava Jam

After a full growth season, processing, and a two-month cure, I eagerly got my hands on three flavors of Chicago Cold Cure 70-149µ live hash rosin: GMO (Skunk House Genetics), Guava Jam (Bloom Seed Co.), and Sugar Coat (Farmhouse Studio Genetics). The first two were obvious choices, as GMO has become my litmus test for assessing a new producer and I typically respond well to Guava strains. Being less familiar with Sugar Coat, or much of Shwale’s work at all, I knew I could approach the rosin with no preconceptions. Each 2g jar came side-wrapped with an embossed top label, underscoring the attention to detail in this operation. Here are my hashed-out musings:


GMO live hash rosin badder
Can't knock a classic.

GMO live hash rosin
Beautifully tender, homogenized badder

The unmistakable presence of Chem D in the lineage made this one an excellent regulator, restoring appetite and mental balance in times when both seemed elusive. It hit the heart just right and spread my brain like a pat of garlic butter, making me feel like a zen sand garden freshly raked. Plentiful pinene kept aches and pains at bay and left the mind alert enough to handle work tasks. Its aroma was dominated by earthy umami notes of wood ear mushroom and miso paste, with tempting wafts of French fries and butter cookies. Dabs around 480F transported me to the middle of a forest with the taste of pristine river water, pine, and dirty scallion. Then, sneaking through a clearing in the brush are pangs of sweet fumes, chives, and hearty industrial metal. The Skunkmaster Flex cut proved as reliable for the maker as it was for me, hitting a whopping 7.8% return in the 70-149 range and over 8% for the full spectrum.

Guava Jam