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Space Blog Ep. 7: Mind Expanding Belts & CBN

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The #SpaceBlog is back with Episode 7, to bring you the latest and greatest creation (with half the sugar) from my favorite cannabis cook: Wendella Lovebird and her fabulous-solventless Space Gem edibles. If you missed Episodes 1-6 make sure to catch-up for a complete understanding of the solventless method, The Entourage Effect, & Ice Water hash edibles...


Retail 2019 (A quick flashback)...

With every edible brand made with chemical solvents and short path distillation, I avoided them. These processes destroy what's needed for the Entourage Effect, yet are used by every major (and minor) edible brand. Aside from including only one cannabinoid (THC), "Distillates" allow moldy trim and trash scraps from harvest to become the top-dollar products many regularly purchase and consume. This caused many to look elsewhere for quality cannabis and shy away from retail edibles entirely, until the market was blessed by a bird... A Lovebird!

When I was approached a year and a half back with Space Gem, made from Ice Water Hash, I quickly found a new love for edibles and a place for them in my regular consumption routine. I'd forgotten the euphoric-joy of a quality-made cannabis edible.

The Home-Team

Since then, there's no company that I'd rather write about and support, especially in the category of edibles, than Space Gem. As a small-local business and Humboldt-based brand, Wendy and Space Gem have been perfecting the recipe here for decades. She is a perfectionist in her craft, a craft focused on making the best cannabis edible possible (which means using ice water hash.)

For Space Gem, the project starts and stops with pristine ice water hash edibles. Unlike other options that finally exist, Space Gem's sole focus on edibles keeps them at the very top of the game. Want proof? Look no further than the new Mind Expanding Belts with half the sugar of prior Space Gem products and a special new version loaded with CBN!

Mind Expanding Fig Belts with CBN

The brand new Sweet Fig Belts blew my mind. I kid you not, as I normally shy away from the lower THC (high CBD) versions, but with the inclusion of CBN, the effect is euphoric bliss. Despite 1/2 the THC content compared to the other Belt flavors, the Fig Belt's 50mg of CBN (cannabinol) and full spectrum effect makes them equally potent. A couple pieces can easily spell relief and a sure-to-be-had incredible night's sleep (a 2 alarms kind of sleep personally).

CBN could unlock a potential replacement or substitute to highly addictive and incredibly dangerous pharmaceutical drugs like Valium or Xanax, as well as other sedatives and sleep medications. Further research is absolutely necessary, but CBN shows serious potential. Each of the Fig Belts contains 50 mg of THC and a whopping 50 mg of CBN.

Isolated Pretenders...

Just like the race to patent and monetize each new cannabinoid identified and isolated, the lack of THC in most of these products makes for a lucrative sham. The test results above show the spectrum of cannabinoids present in the Belts including THC, which is proving to be necessary for the Entourage Effect to occur. Don't be fooled by wellness products with isolated single cannabinoids, as they're all required for the full effect. Even a minute amount of THC has shown to unlock the potential of cannabinoids like CBD or CBN, which are considered non-psychoactive alone.

Mind Expanding Belts

For the classic Space Gem #SpaceDrop fans, the Mind Expanding Belts are the first Space Gem products to come in single flavor packs! The Belts come in Sour Watermelon, Sour Apple, or Sweet Wild-berry. Each pack contains 100mg of THC total, with 10mg of THC in each piece. Like the Fig Belts, there's half of the sugar compared to prior Space Gem products, making them an instant favorite.

space gem hashish edibles
Expand Your Mind, with Mind Expanding Belts from @Space_Gem

As a vegan product with organic ingredients, the flavors are sourced locally and so is the cannabis. All Space Gem products use Humboldt grown, Emerald Triangle cannabis washed by the best hash makers around. The spectrum of sunlight and unique micro climates produce the incredible cannabis the region is renowned for.

Single Strain Edibles? I Think Not...

Space Gem uses different genetics (aka strains) in the edibles to provide the widest spectrum of cannabinoids. This means you will be exposed to a range of cannabis genetics in each Belt or Space Drop, providing a balanced and full-bodied result, backed by the Emerald Triangle's rich genetic legacy.

To produce strain specific edibles is merely a marketing tactic, (more product "skus" for dispensaries to order from) as the terpene profiles are lost in the decarboxylation stage (cooking), and any terpenes remaining are the result of added fruits, flavorings, & sweeteners. Strain specific edibles can only limit the range of cannabinoids included in a product. Mixing genetics provides the widest spectrum of different cannabinoids.

And my mom loves them too. Helping with pain, they were her favorite before I realized they were my own, letting me know how good they really are. After trying more and more versions from other solventless brands, the Space Gem hits hardest..

"Send More Space Gem Please!" -MOM

The only downside to Space Gem is that you can't stop eating them! Trust me, forget your normal THC intake when measuring your first dose, as you will be shocked what a quality product equates to. The new Sour Belts might be even better than the ridiculously good Space Drops, and they kick in astonishingly fast. With 1/2 the sugar compared to the renowned Space Drops, these new Mind Expanding Belts are sure to go quick.

Space Gem is a brand to support. Doing it the right way, Wendy and Space Gem have dialed in the gummies like no one else. Choosing again to set trends not follow, Space Gem solventless products continue to amaze and surprise everyone who comes across them. I'm yet to find anyone who isn't delightfully surprised by everything Space Gem produces. They're truly a bright spot in the industry, and a beaming example of what a quality cannabis brand is all about.

For all you Super-Heavyweights out there, grab a bottle of Gem Juice Tincture with 600mg of THC per bottle!

Keep an eye out for Space Gem products and when you're lucky enough to encounter them, pull the trigger fast! With other solventless options appearing, Space Gem expertise keeps them above and beyond the competition. They're the GOLD standard of solventless edibles and the more other companies dip into the solventless edible field, the more distinguished Space Gem products become. They're truly that good.

Make sure to check them out on Instagram @Space.Gem.CA and their website


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