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THE MFing CLAW: One Arm To Rule Them All With Evan Shore Quartz

With the latest creation from the mystic mind of one, Evan Shore Quartz, Hashwriter is happy to help introduce the next generation of modular quartz smoking accessories centered around: The CLAW. Trust me when I say, The Claw is one arm to rule them all…

quartz the claw dab arm
The Claw Base Comes in 10mm or 14mm and in 90 or 45 degree angles.

The Claw, or as I like to call it, “The Motherfucking CLAW,” is one of the more unique designs to come from any of the quartz makers as of late. While we’ve seen a lot of creative new work recently, this one has been in the making for some time; Not an overnight idea, this one took time, energy, and research to conquer. And unlike some of the headiest glass, The Claw is priced right. For the smoker who wants options and accessories, there’s never been a better banger. To quote the man, the myth and the legend himself, Evan Shore says, "This is the future” for quartz.

dab banger
Slurpee Mod for The Claw Banger by Evan Shore Quartz

Form Follows Function

With an endless line of new designs and artistic expression, function is often less of a concern. Then again nothing like The Claw has ever come our way before and it could lead to some interesting combinations and maybe even a new E-nail design. As the first "modular banger" it offers an adaptable function like nothing before it. The Claw is perfectly shaped to hold lower sections, while remaining air tight. You can consider it the first two-piece quartz banger or slurper, as the glass/quartz evolution continues to unfold.

Cost-Saving American Quartz Measures

Since the majority of skilled work is applied to the fitting rather than the bucket, creating one fitting and an “arm” will provide economic solutions to owning every variety of slurpee or slurper under the sun. From the short and stocky to the XXL depth, slurpers and blenders offer a variety of functions. The Claw allows smokers to interchange their slurper or banger buckets alone. The options are endless and a lower claw attachment will be made for each new style of quartz that comes from Evan Shore. That means more options, without the full cost and labor required to hand form each fitting. One fitting and one arm, to rule them all.

One fitting and one arm, to rule them all. Duh.

Custom Air-Flow Quartz

Aside from clean-up, this might be the best part! When combining The Claw arm with any lower section, you have the ability to adjust the airflow. By not aligning the air holes perfectly, you can wrench down on the flow of air, or line them up for the full blast. We have seen some pretty drastic differences in people's preferred level of airflow, but now the adjust-ability can be all yours.

Lowest Temp Dabs Use Pressure

Playing around with different air flows could help vaporize your terps at lower temperatures than you may be accustomed to. Less airflow will lead to a greater build-up of pressure inside your quartz while inhaling, which helps vaporize your hash at temperatures lower than usual. Rather than being forced to rely on your carb cap for airflow regulation, (a battle I fought to reduce airflow) The Claw brings true customization to the airflow of any hash pipe. An ideal addition that could help with super-heady rigs or those that just have too much airflow.

quartz banger smoking accessory
Claw Mod Slurper by Evan Shore Quartz

Easy To Clean

There’s never been an easier to clean slurper on the market. Not only will the claw attachment and arm be easier to clean between uses, but multiple buckets will allow a wash and dab rotation. While one lower section soaks, use another. Or if you’re a cold start fan, you can pre-load dabs and have them ready and on deck. This design will provide plenty of room for adaptation and new ideas. Only the Claw knows what the future will bring.

After dabbing you can dunk the bucket attachment in alcohol, while the arm can detach to be removed. This will allow you to easily clean inside the arm of The Claw before submerging it again, while scooping up the cleaned lower section. All this can be accomplished with one hand, leaving your hot bucket in the alcohol to soak for a minute while you q-tip inside the arm of The Claw. Thorough cleaning and upkeep made quick and easy with direct access inside the arm of The Claw. With easy access to the normally dirty and difficult to reach joint areas, your Claw arm can remain clean and functioning flawlessly for years.

evan shore quartz the claw and auto spinning quartz attachment for dabbing hashish
The Claw and an Auto-Spin Bucket

New Potentials

As usual, Evan Shore Quartz continues to push progress, while retaining optimal American Made quality quartz smoking accessories. The Claw delivers a solution to owning a variety of bangers, for a fraction of the full cost. New designs like this have enabled us to discover new uses and ideas for future progress, as artists continue to push the boundaries of this elaborate art-form. Grab yourself The Claw from Small Werld Glass and check out our previous article linked below.


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Happy Hashing!



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