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Hash & Rosin Brands Across All 50 States: A Comprehensive List

Updated: Jan 12

Never forget, there's more hash in my daily poop than in most states. That said, it's party time. Excellent. Let's not forget that hash remains a crime and that much is required legislatively to make this a reality. Until then, here's the reality of the situation: There's a million hash makers flooding the market with white label rosin. The amount of times I've been asked to white label someone's rosin and sell it under my brand...

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cannabis flower growing in a greenhouse.
Cannabis. The Plant.

Nope, rather than start my own hash brand back in 2020, I thought it would be more beneficial to leave it to those who figured this all out. Hell, every retail brand in Cali, all four of five solid solventless brands all use the same material from the same three or four phenomenal farms. Having recently studied and graduated in English Lit., a voice for the people seemed much more adequate, and while a vast segment of the community supports us, many are quick to turn to the outdated channels and gatekeepers, interested only in making corporate money. And here's the real question... are you here for cannabis or are you here to make money off of the plant? Do you love the plant or do you love using the plant to make money? I just love the plant.

While more hash has been the goal, my worst fear is coming true: The BHO crowd is arriving in solventless form as these tiresome gatekeepers are shamefully welcomed back into the fold. Just like things were before solventless came around, when everything cannabis related was about vast deception and consumer manipulation, preying on those "custies", instead of informing them. All of the things that contradict the principles inherent in this sacred plant. The retail consumer cannabis industry is a contradiction to cannabis and consciousness.

So let me ask you this:

What's it take to call yourself a hash-maker?

Please feel free to talk shit in the comments section. The only repercussion will be when we meet face to face. Otherwise, you have nothing to worry yourself about. Just kidding, it’s nothing but peace and love around here. 



Here's a comprehensive list of supposed Hash and rosin Brands in all fifty states with links to articles. Feel free to add information or anything else in the comments below. If you want to be added to the list hit me up and leave a comment. Touché.


  • 6 Star Samurai

  • 710 Labs

  • Ahti Hash

  • Alienlabs

  • Amberjack Solventless

  • American River Extracts

  • Candy Stripe Concentrates

  • Cold Gold Solventless (The Homies)

  • Convict Hash Co.

  • Dino Squish

  • Dragonhouse

  • Evil Eye Gardens

  • Frosty Hash

  • Full Flava Extracts

  • Fully Melted

  • Grape God


  • Gold Country Resin

  • Hash Engineers

  • Hash and Flowers (High as Fuck) HAF (Terry is a real one).

  • Hash House

  • Hasheesh

  • Hashheadz

  • Have Hash

  • Head Juice

  • Headmaster Extracts

  • High Grade Hash

  • Huh Hash

  • Humboldt Organic Collective

  • Ice Wook

  • Icebox Mafia

  • Jay Plantspeaker

  • Juice House

  • Kache

  • Kalya

  • Keeping it Coastal

  • Kenjana Extracts

  • Ladybug

  • Lil' Mamas Hashery

  • Mad Hasher

  • Mad River Melts

  • Masterball Melts

  • Matt Rize

  • Mendoja Farms

  • Mountain Melt

  • Norcal Organix

  • Nothing But Net

  • OTB LA

  • Ogre Farms

  • Oni Hash Co

  • Papas Select

  • Planet Hash

  • Professor Sift

  • PUNCH Extracts

  • Pure Melt

  • REZN

  • Raw Genetics

  • Real Cannabis Chris

  • Real Deal Resin

  • Refinery Enthusiast

  • Relentless Melts

  • Resin Hits

  • Resin Ranch Extraction

  • Ripe Resin Farms

  • Santa Cruz Terp Council

  • Select Solventless

  • Simpson Solventless

  • Splash Solventless

  • Sun Fire Farms

  • Swollen Heads Hash Co.

  • Tar Hill Cannabis

  • TasteBudExtracts

  • Taste of Cascadia

  • Treetop Wax

  • Trichadelics

  • Trichstarz

  • Trilogy

  • True Hash

  • Wally Farms

  • West Coast Alchemy

  • Wooksauce Winery

  • Zen Extracts

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  • 14er

  • 710 Labs

  • Allgreens

  • Binske

  • Colorado Mountain Select

  • Dablogic

  • Egozi

  • Essential Extracts

  • George Hashington

  • Green Dot

  • Harmony

  • Kush Masters

  • Lazercat

  • Mighty Melts (kick ass).

  • Mile High Melts

  • Sappy

  • Soiku Bano

  • Olio

  • Big Heads Little Knecks (thanks Max)

Hash and cannabis farm.
Humboldt Kine Farms looking mighty sexy.


  • 710

  • Blue River

  • High Times

  • Hot-n-Heady Melts

  • Jungle Boys

  • Lava

  • One Plant

  • Sheesh

  • Sunburn

  • Wooking on Water

  • Wow



  • B’s Trees

  • Ganjaberry

  • Hazy Hill Farm

  • Helios Hash

  • Hidden Forest

  • High Road 207

  • High Street Farm Co.

  • High Striker Farm

  • Mainely Organic Melts

  • Mega Raw Melts

  • Mission Hill Melts

  • Moon Jelly Melts

  • Mountain Melts

  • Noreaster Genetics

  • Other Level Gardens

  • Professor Q

  • Royal River Botanicals

  • Salmon Falls Solventless

  • Think Higher Concentrates

  • Third Shift Resin



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  • Ace Lure Extracts

  • Amaze

  • Headchange

  • Lush

  • Monopoly Melts

  • Proper

  • Robust

  • Vibe

  • Vivid




New Mexico

  • Alabastra

  • Animas

  • Mesilla Valley

  • Olio

  • Urban Wellness

  • Yendo Farms



  • Ancient Roots

  • Firelands Scientific

  • Klutch

  • Standard Wellness



  • Cicada

  • Divine

  • Evoke

  • Ginger LARF

  • Just Hash

  • Leaf Logic

  • Nature's Kiss

  • Skunk

  • Synergy



  • Archive

  • Barry’s Bubble

  • Bo's Nose Knows

  • Dammit Bobby

  • Decibel

  • Dr. Vert

  • Grape God

  • Happy Cabbage

  • Hash Hamilton

  • Higher Culture

  • Highland Provisions

  • Honeyhead 710

  • Lofty Solventless

  • Tao

  • Verdant Leaf

  • Willamette Valley Alchemy



  • Calypso We have one review for them and it isn’t good. Technically is rosin, avoid if possible.

  • Float

  • Floracal

  • Grassroots

  • Philly Solventless

Washington State

  • 4myhead

  • Brahma

  • Cuban Grower

  • Fugu Farms

  • Hanzo Garden

  • Hash Camp

  • PNW Roots

  • The Jam Man


Location Unknown (Drop a Comment to Clarify)

  • Solventless Soup Kitchen

  • Handmade Hash

  • Yashi Melts

  • Liu Extracts

  • Bubble Mama

  • N*ggas with Oil

  • Trichome Heavy Extracts

  • Monopoly Melts

  • Lovelaced Gardens

  • Beast Coast Essentials

  • Shotime Concentrates

  • Parks Press Organics

  • Whale Oil Extracts

  • Honey Hole Farms

  • Outta this World Extracts

  • Hash Era

  • Tree City Solventless

  • I love co.

  • TNT Extractions

  • OrganiMelts

  • Yeti Melts

  • Yo Mama Melts

  • Pua Extractions


Joseph Kennerly
Joseph Kennerly
Dec 30, 2023

There is Royal Tree in WA


How’d y’all forget about Mighty Melts in Colorado? Not to mention Olio and Big Heads Little Necks.

Dec 29, 2023
Replying to

AHHHH! I knew i needed Mighty Melts and forget. oh and Greenlabel right? in CO. big heads little knecks is new, but will be added. thanks boss!

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