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Overcoming Archetypes: Modern Hash and Rosin Consumption Aesthetics

Rising THC percentages in solvent-based extracts and the unique form of consumption that resulted, made dabbing appear just shy of an extreme sport. Something people did when they wanted to get as high as possible as fast as possible. Almost a recreational activity that looked to see who could take the biggest hits, with the most hype, out of the most expensive bongs. These "dangerous" new concentrates were supposed to be too strong and bound to cause harm. These so-called, "super-concentrated" forms of "extra-potent extracts", proved within a quick five years to not even create a fulfilling or effective high. Funny what a few years of time can do to significantly change perspectives (not facts).

A New Identity for Solventless Smoking

I have said for a while that hash and rosin needs to separate itself from the "dabbing" ideal entirely. More than anything else, smoking today's best hash and rosin is the furthest one can go in the direction of craft-quality, farm-to-table, cannabis excellence. It's no different than finding your favorite bottle of wine. Just because the wine is crafted and aged and stronger than beer, doesn't mean people associate wine with overindulgence or extreme consumption. However, BHO and dabbing shatter appeared to outside observers as an equivalent to alcohol's beer-bongs, keg-stands, and beer-pong! This aesthetic has stuck with dabbing, despite a complete and total reversal in the quality of products being consumed.

cannabis trichomes
Close to a perfect 6-Star Ice Water Hash. It is made up entirely of cannabis trichome glands.

Solventless Prestige

Modern hash and rosin reflect the vineyards of northern California, a culture, and an ancient art-form revived and revitalized. Solventless hash deserves the entire cannabis community's full attention and respect. It is the highest achievement for both farmer and hash-maker, and should be celebrated at the top rung of all cannabis products. Unfortunately, these new products are being confused with outdated ideals of "extreme consumption," often synonymous with dabbing.

Least Effective Extracts

BHO and distillates earned a reputation as corporate cannabis products, created from an ever decreasing quality of cannabis scraps. These older techniques create the cheapest products by using the recycled trimmings from harvest. Wax, shatter, crumble, and even distillates became associated with dabbing, for those looking for a cheap but concentrated high. Again, these kinds of second grade products contained high levels of THC, but very little else that would be necessary for the Entourage Effect. Despite the ever increasing amounts of THC, these products lack much of what creates an effective high.

Pancakes from Humboldt Kine Farms. The master hash farmer growing cannabis flower with the intention of making it into hash.

Most Effective Cannabis Product

Modern hash and hash rosin is so far and away at the opposite end of the scale from previous solvent-extracts and the dabbing aesthetic it bred, yet negative associations seem to follow. Enjoying a small dab of six star hashish or live rosin, is simply the cleanest and clearest way to receive the full benefits of cannabis. It’s also the most enjoyable method, easier to inhale than flower smoke, with flavors you have to try to understand.

Vaporizing the trichomes by "dabbing," rather than burning them through combustion smoke, provides an enormous increase in bio-availability and absorption. With a full profile of terpenes and cannabinoids (identical to the plant), vaporization of hash and rosin is the most effective way to consume cannabis and the fastest way to find immediate relief. It should be an option available to everyone, with ways to consume that are less intimidating (and easier) than using the old blowtorch.

Highest Degree of Skill

To be able to grow healthy plants that produce the finest hash and rosin is the highest honor and most difficult achievement in cannabis. It requires both precision in the garden and in the hash lab. And just as one enjoys a small glass of hundred dollar whiskey, six star hash and hash rosin should be thought of along these lines. Mass produced cannabis cartridges therefore, stand for the nine dollar gallon jugs of cheap vodka. Funny enough, both are distilled. And while that cheap gallon of vodka will have an immediate effect (much like distillate), it's the worst kind of effect possible.

Refined Consumption

This is why the hash pipe and the act of smoking hashish needs to adopt a new image, one of excellence and quality, unrelated to older ideas of dabbing. Now that the focus of the game is on hash, a new environment and aesthetic around dabbing will be useful in showing others the joys of solventless hash smoking. The old archetype of red-hot titanium dabs of butane soaked shatter will eventually fade, as the techniques and tools continue to evolve and mature. Some E-rig makers are certainly on the right track. A very basic e-nail is the perfect way for anyone to try hash and rosin without needing a torch.

A New Tomorrow

Don't allow past ideas, concerns, or fears stop you from experiencing cannabis like never before. This is refinement perfected, far beyond what anyone even thought was possible. Methods drastically simplified, resulting in the all around best product in cannabis. I do believe a time will come where hash and rosin smokers outnumber flower consumers. More solventless hash; More hash for everyone!


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