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Hash and Hash Rosin Prices from Humboldt County to Southern California 2021

I'm starting to see a lot of curiosity about pricing for modern hash and rosin and other concentrates. Seeing others writing on the topic, I figured I'd fire off a quick post to speak some truth into the topic.

The retail cannabis market in California is a battlefield, full of landmines. Despite the smoke in the air, one wrong move will cost you dearly. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope that you chose the right store this time to avoid the vast inconsistencies in pricing. The first thing any hash head must learn is what stores are hash friendly and who's just out for blood. With typical retail pricing ranging anywhere from 45 to 140 dollars per gram, you could say prices are quite diverse.

Taxes: Retail's Issue

I used to focus on taxes, which are hefty, but insignificant and equal everywhere. An early issue was the way stores listed their pricing with some posting prices that included one of the two taxes and others including none. This made it difficult and frustrating to shop online. More than once I was tricked by deceptive pricing. This has seemed to even out and most stores do include a significant portion of taxes in the menu price. Expect to pay another ten to fifteen percent over the listed pricing.

Rule of Thumb 100 or Less

My rule of thumb is nothing over 100 dollars and even that is for special occasions. Usually seventy to seventy-five bucks is the goal. This means the price is seventy-five dollars "out-the-door," as it's referred to, since taxes can be staggering and add an unexpected leap in price. Believe me, after evaluating pricing and taxes extensively, the market is so inconsistent that you have to find a shop you can rely on.

Brand's Prices

The wholesale cost of hash and rosin that covers the Farmer, the Hash-maker, and the Distributor, is doubled or tripled by retail stores and sold to consumers. Kalya will hit the shelves around eighty bucks usually. Their new line, Community Cannabis, is cheap. They have hash and a "second press" style rosin for close to fifty bucks! Everyone was overjoyed when Hash and Flowers hit the shelves at 45 or 50 dollars, with some of the best cold cure going. Too bad my local price is now seventy for them and prices went up everywhere. Fuck 710Labs. Papas Select has a reputation of being a hundred dollars per gram, but I've also been able to find stores carrying it for sixty-five to eighty-five bucks. It's not uncommon to see Papas Select and Rosin Tech Labs sitting right around ninety dollars per gram. I believe Ahti hit the shelf at eighty or ninety bucks. Punch changed things up with their tier pricing and has rosin priced from fifty or sixty, right up to a hundred per gram. HaveHash is always a rock solid buy, usually going for ten to fifteen dollars less than the other brands.

The Real Market

The true market has the same inconsistencies in pricing and depending upon name-brand value, prices skyrocket. People are paying a minimum of a hundred dollars per gram for hash or rosin, unless tied in directly. By the time most consumers get their hands on the product, several others have raised the price. If you're friends with the hash man, life is a lot easier. Fifty dollars per gram is a solid and pretty standard deal for most small-scale squishers. Instagram dudes on the other hand, keep the mark at a hundred per gram.

The Sesh

The best option is to hit the sesh, but finding good hash and rosin makers is still pretty difficult. I've heard there were only one or two people with solventless products, but depending on where and who shows up, things can change. Expect fifty per gram and up.

Direct To Consumer

I don't commit to anything like this and have seen prices rise and satisfaction fall fast from many consumers joining these programs. Sometimes it seems cheap and like a perfect option, and other times prices fail to compete with certain retail stores.

Peace Out!

Hope that helps to map out pricing somewhat, or at least give an accurate perspective of the varying prices.



Can you expound on the “fuck 710 Labs” comment? Because what I see with them is a wild range of prices with some stores pricing their water hash at $70 OTD. I think they even said that they would stop selling yo stores that marked their product up too high. What am I missing? Thanks


Apologies. You hit the nail on the head. Wildly different pricing dependent entirely upon the dispensary selling them. 710's wholesale cost remains the same. In fact wholesale is the same in both states, CA and CO, yet we were paying nearly double in California than CO for the same thing around 2018. Water hash was far more expensive than rosin when they first arrived in California in 2017, but the lack of knowledge saw less demand for hash and more for rosin. In all honesty, I and many others have written off 710 for a list of events and occurrences that no longer warrant me giving them my money. A couple of articles on here lay out a long list…

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