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Punch-Party in my Pants! Check Out Some Recent Heaters from @Punch_Extracts

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I never wanted to be that type of writer, you know? The one reviewing a product we all know isn't ideal and slamming the company for being low-quality, without context or perspective of price. I've seen some accounts that are overly direct and unnecessarily cruel in their negative reviews, when the real story is their terrible purchasing decisions.

Of course the vast majority of BHO is terrible and so I've taken the silent approach to save you the agony of unnecessary posting. I’ve also kept my reviews to the Instagram format, and on solventless hash for these reasons and more, but figured it's high-time I started some review-styled articles.

Punch Drops Rosin Badders

Punch dropped another round of really, really good hash rosin and rosin badders, all worthy of review. There's a stellar fresh press rosin or two, (despite forgetting to plug my mini-fridge back into the wall outlet after bringing it in from the car) and luckily the rest were badders. I was stoked for another round of this incredible rosin badder that Punch seems to have come out of nowhere with, perfectly dialed in. For a brand consistently delivering on the rare fresh press rosins, their newer rosin badders came as a refreshing surprise.

A Few Favorites

Lemon Limez Badder (small batch)

This new Lemon Limez small batch rosin badder, grown by @LumaCalifornia is truly amazing. I thought it was a Zkittlez cut for sure, and I only seem to find that skittle-shell taste once or twice a year. The flavor is unmistakable, however there are no Zkittlez there, it's just the key-lime pie's sweet candy taste (the breeder informed me). Don't miss this one and if you love white & sweating-sweet Zkittlez flavors, I'd grab a few.

All of the recent Lime cuts are awesome. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think this Lemon-Limez badder takes the cake in recent months.

Poochie's Juice (Poochies X Garlic Cookies) Tier #1

A phenomenal fresh press rosin (and a phenomenal Poochies Papaya Badder), this Poochie's Juice combines the best of two Emerald Triangle farms. Emerald Queen Farms has been a favorite for hash material for a couple of years now and Luma California is gaining a solventless reputation in a hurry. The classic Garlic Cookies from @EmeraldQueenFarms (the best Garlic Cookies or GMO going) and @LumaCalifornia's Poochies rounds off this classic mix. On point and a tier-one.

hash rosin
A Big Swirl of Punch's Poochies Juice Fresh Press Rosin

4-LOKO (Grape Pie x Watermelon Gelato) Tier #3

4-Loko hits just a little bit different. While I can't say it's a favorite of mine, its another solid fresh press rosin in a more affordable range. Definitely worth a try and might be more up someone else's alley flavor-wise. A few unique flavors combine and the taste adapted a bit as she buddered over (slowly). Everyone seemed to pick up on a different taste for this mixed cultivar fresh press rosin.

hash rosin
4-Lokos fresh press rosin

Key Lime Pie (small batch) (GSC Lime Sherbert Pheno) Tier #1

This Key Lime Pie fresh press rosin is one of those rare beauties of super soft, bright and brilliant looking golden rosin. I tend to smoke these types up in a hurry. Absolutely delicious candy-like taste in a Fresh Press rosin that has no need to butter. She packs all of her flavor from the first clear dab to the very last.

hash rosin
Key Lime Pie Fresh Press Punch and Luma

This Key Lime Pie is definitely special and I'd grab as many as I could if you're lucky enough to come across her.

My Sleeper Pick

Gelato 41 Badder

The sleeper pick has to be this Gelato 41 Badder. It's the only one without other farm markings or indicators of anything special on the label, unlike the other new flavors. Same white-ish badder appearance, same soft and appealing badder texture, and the same clean melt, just with a doughy-gelato finish. Grab this sleeper pick if you see her (I went in twice)!


A quick combo piece bringing all kinds of flavors together to invent "Madagascar." Check her out in the video below using a bit of the old #baddertech2 to resuscitate her to a wet gleaming charm. {Check the how-to article and video right here.}

A Word on Rosin Color

They say color doesn't matter and until recently I really agreed, until coming to the realization that color and sight play a significant role in the experience and can actually change how taste is perceived. While anything's possible, every light colored rosin received is phenomenal. These are the ones I can't stop looking at and smoking. Darker shades of rosin have been overly greasy and quite disgusting at times, with an occasional (very occasional) outlier revealing itself upon dabbing.

Thinking about the plant's trichomes, they're clear to milky white and amber. Maybe the amber of ripe trichomes causes a bright yellow to orange hue, that is consistently noticeable in good hash rosin badders. All of these from Punch were light and bright. No matter how many times people try to hype up the darker lower-grades as a full-spectrum rosin, I'm sticking to my guns: the lighter the better.


Two months in a row, Punch_extracts has been firing on all cylinders and producing some of the best hash and rosin in California. With prices that often match BHO extracts, Punch is dominating the solventless scene. Great hash rosin and for less? I'm all in!


Be sure to check out @Punch_extracts and subscribe to the Hash Blog for future article notifications and a Hash Letter every month!


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