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Punch Extracts Throws Down: Welcoming Punch Extracts to the Game

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I searched, smoked, and waited, but found nothing wrong with @punchextracts to criticize. It's almost easier to criticize than it is to praise, coming from the soul of a Philly native and sports die-hard. It's become a matter of self-preservation to adopt the awfully negative frame of mind that says to "hope for the best, but always expect the worst" when it comes to our teams.


Seeing some surprisingly low prices, I was well prepared for whatever, but Punch came through leaving me relatively speechless. And since, I'm about a month past due on writing this article, I figured I'd better get to talking...

Professional photo of several jars of Ice water hash and hash rosin from Punch Extracts in Red White and Blue jars.
Punch Extracts Coming In Hot and Heavy!

"Hope for the best, expect the worst."

So many years of loss and defeat will do that to a city who goes above and beyond to support their teams. A similar mindset is appropriate for retail cannabis industries, since 90% of the products are something I would certainly never buy and prefer not to consume.


With measured reserve, I was delighted at the truly impeccable and unexpected quality of Punch's cold-cure and fresh-press rosins. Their open box design speaks volumes in transparency:

Punch Extracts. 4 Grams. Top two are Cold Cure Rosin, Bottome Two are Fresh Press rosin.
Punch Extracts. 4 Grams. Top two are Cold Cure Rosin, Bottom Two are Fresh Press Rosin.

Their packaging is sleek and has the bottom portion removed showing the clear glass jars inside. The perfect-simple packaging to show off the product, without having to open it.

This kind of packaging seems super-appropriate for a newer company, who really believes in their product and these guys certainly do. There's no hiding a poorly kept fresh-press or a dark-colored rosin badder, in an open-box display.

A huge swirling dab of hash rosin from Punch Extracts.
A nice Fat Dab Swirl of FatLato Live Rosin from Punch Extracts.

As a newer company, I'd been hoping to find Punch Extracts for a while now. Originally, known and produced as Punch Edibles, the company has bought all-in on the solventless method. Hard to blame them as solventless concentrates are by far and away the most effective form of cannabis available today.


The pure pleasure of enjoying clean trichome heads and experiencing a jar of fresh press rosin transforming throughout the curing stage, is a pleasure that can only be realized first hand. Thankfully, Punch Extracts is putting out no shortage of fresh press rosins for a price that has left many scratching their heads.

Hash rosin fresh press from Punch Extracts
Gorgeous Fresh Press Rosin TIer One FatLato still clear and fresh.

This seems like the perfect opportunity to mention fresh press rosin. Everyone always asks which style I prefer and while the answer is usually fresh press, they can all be great depending upon the cultivar. General questions that require generalized answers don't work so well, but normally fresh press consistencies are the test of a companies skill.

With all solventless varieties stemming from ice water hash refinement, the second process is always to make fresh-press rosin. Pressing the ice water hash creates streams of translucent rosin. The question is, whether it's done with the precision necessary to maintain that clarity until reaching the consumer.

Hash rosin that is curing and buddering and turning from fresh press into a cured badder texture.
FatLato Fresh Press from above about mid-way through the buddering or curing process.

For most, the answer is no and they elect to whip the fresh press rosin into a uniform badder, as the third step or third consistency stemming from water hash. From there, others turn badder into a wet sugar or rosin sauce as a fourth step, but by the order of application, fresh press is the least manipulated of three or four rosin varieties.

By simple matter of mathematics, I deduct fresh press as the elite version, but as many have proven, cold cure badder done the right way can be phenomenal too. Much like this Garanimals Cold Cure by Punch:

Most rosin badders aren't exactly as appealing as the translucent clarity of fresh press, but when done well, there's certainly something desirable in cold-cures. When the badder retains a wet look, very much like these badders from Punch, it never lets me down. Check out the clear terpene layer drenching this Garlic Cream Cold Cure Badder below:

Garanimals Gram Jar of Cold Cure Hash Rosin Badder By Punch Extracts.
Garlic Cream Cold Cure Rosin Badder By Punch Extracts with heavy garlic and extra gas. A creamy delight.

With plenty of companies putting out rosin badder, which I often avoid, it's good to see someone using the cold cure tech the right way. Dark, dry-rosin badders can be less than desirable at times, but all the badders I've seen from Punch look absolutely scrumptious.


Thankfully, Punch Extracts is using a Tier Pricing System, which explains the head scratching prices. The tier system, used by other producers that I have written extensively on here, benefit consumers with low prices for less than perfect batches. You can read all the ways and the reasons why tier pricing makes so much sense for the new industry here, And just like that, I found this:

All of my grams were Tier 1, so keep my opinions measured and applicable to other Tier Ones from Punch. I have seen some solid looking Tier 2's and Tier 3-rated products going for the most reasonable rates in the industry. Thanks to a little automation and this tier system, Punch is bringing some of the best flower from Humboldt to their product line-up. All considered, I vouch strongly for punch as an affordable, yet high-quality route to exploring modern cannabis genetics.


When I first threw the idea out there of writing about Punch, I offered to write an article on the #baddertech, but instead I'll leave that link right here. Since then they've really stepped up their game with a ton of super fresh grams on the gram. Keep your eyes on @punchextracts who have big plans for the near future, and as you can see, their hash speaks for itself.



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