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#SeaBiscuit is Back and Boy, Does She Hit Hard: Horse-Snacks is the Next Generation

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Just when we thought she was done and gone for the year, Punch_Extracts provides a new rendition to keep the horse-a-kicking. Keep reading to hear about the legend and the new combinations out now. logo
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With a high that is distinguished from all else, Josh Wax provides a blessing to the cannabis world.

Every so often a new (new to me) cut of cannabis is released that profoundly enhances my life and creativity. While there's often a handful of flavors per year that stick out for their insatiable appearance, smell, and appetizing taste, its more like once in a decade that a cut finds a perfect home in my head like Seabiscuit.

Punch Extracts Logos
Punch_Extracts dropping bombs...

The initial praise given to Josh Wax for this impeccable "Seabiscuit" cut already had us planning an article, but time has been limited. Receiving the newest sample batch from Punch_Extracts, I was delighted to see Seabiscuit back and banging hard as ever. Mixed with Emerald Queen's GarAnimal Cookies cut, Seabiscuit doubled-down on my need to share more about this incredible cultivar with you.

hash rosin dab shot punch extracts emerald queen farms josh wax
Horse Snack aka "Money in the Bank" by Punch Extracts, Josh Wax, and Emerald Queen Farms.

Indica Woes, Sativa Misbeliefs

When a specific type of cannabis is considered "powerful," many want to make the connection to couch-lock and other fabled "indica"-related drawbacks (or upsides). Or, there's the frequent complaint of anxiety inducing "sativas," (despite smoking a distillate that is incapable of exhibiting anything but the effects of pure THC).

As is spoken on at length, the complexity of modern cannabis breaks down the barriers of binary expectations, while the grizzled past of solvent extraction has created a long list of beliefs about specific types of cannabis less than accurate. Moving into the solventless world will allow consumers to truly experience different varieties that remain consistent to the natural growing plant.

hash rosin dab shot.
You Know She's A Keeper When She's Gone Before Jar Photos Can Be Taken. Horse Snacks by Punch Extracts, Josh Wax, and Emerald Queen Farms

A Truly Rewarding Smoke

Long-time readers know we refrain from pre-determining the outcome or effect of each cut, as everyone and their endocannabinoid system differs, but time after time this cut delivers monumentally powerful full-bodied effects, without sacrificing intense cerebral clarity, euphoria, & energy. A truly rewarding smoke that stood out immediately and was put through the ringer, only to hit just as hard and amazing every time. We've been curious how it hits others, so feel free to leave your experience with either cut in the comments.


While a full-bodied effect is certainly relevant, the cerebral energy and crispness of the high cuts through the traditional categories to deliver an experience all its own. Seabiscuit by Josh Wax is an absolute knock-out, with the potential to be a medicinal wonder. For those seeking relief from pain, look no further. Despite reaching back and bringing a Landrace Afghani into the picture, Seabiscuit is the epitome of a modern cultivar, with one of the best high's in years. Grown indoors, Josh Wax uses a veganic living soil and the extra time and care absolutely shows.

Horse Snacks

Mixed with @EmeraldQueenFarm’s cut of Garanimals, Seabiscuit is better than ever. Horse Snacks (Seabiscuit X Garanimals) is a killer. Stone-Cold. She exudes the basics of modern genetics and the results of several hundred (or thousand) years of cultivating cannabis. Despite being a mix, Horse Snacks hits just as hard as the original.

The sweet and vanilla dough-like flavor of animal cookies, pairs well with the static gas and classic cannabis palate of Seabiscuit. With a rather chronic but otherwise non-distinct taste, flavor chasers would have missed this cut altogether. Garanimals compliments Seabiscuit in a way, making it possibly better than the original.

Powerful at Any Temp.

Even a dab at 450 degrees F, Seabiscuit is apt to lay the laymen flat. With such a strong initial effect, there were doubts about the variety and it was put to the test time and after time, jar after jar. Regardless of the dab size, the exact temp, and other specifics which often harangue the effects of some cultivars, this ones exempt. Mixed with Garanimals, my "go-to-to-get-really-stoned-jar", serves its purpose.

Tier 3's

Let me assure you, Punch is putting out heat at reasonable prices for the people. While the Tier #1's will always be more difficult to locate, the quality of Tier 2 and often Tier 3 can often be ranked upon yield numbers rather than quality alone. Something to keep in mind.

A Tier 1 quality that absolutely dumps massive yields of hashish, allows for some of the best material to be sold for a nominal price... Speaking of which, here are four solid Tier 3 Fresh Press Rosins for you to rank:

Best Tier #3 from Punch:

  • Peanut Butter Breath

  • Gush Mints

  • Papaya Cake

  • Banana Cream X Jelousy

You can vote for more than one answer.

Final Live Test

I saved a pea size crumb of beautiful white sea-snarling-biscuit, and she blasted me into the hyper-zone. Just now. Just to check myself for the twentieth time, this last piece was the final test and like clockwork, hits heavy. Heavy but extremely clear headed. Cerebral with couch-lock leg properties and a warm burning sensation from both sides of my rib-cage. Overpowering my eyelids with a tingle at the very back of my brain, a small bell is rung that blesses the valleys with golden warmth and love and appreciation. Thanks Josh, Riley, Alex, and everyone else.


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