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Pelle Polare: Get Yours and Join Hash Royalty

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Hash makers seem to flock together and nothing solidifies your spot in the Kingdom of Hash Maker's Heaven like some highly functional, customizable lab insulating gear from the fellas at Pelle Polare. Rock your brand and rock it loud with Pelle Polare protecting your investments, improving the longevity of your equipment, preventing condensation leading to rust and corrosion, all while significantly lowering temperatures to maintain the consistency of your wash. And to make things just that much better, another Italian-owned family business joins Hashish history.

@pelle_polare (Italian for polar skin) will provide far more function than you may think possible. Cut and hand sewn by this family run business who has worked professionally with these materials for over thirty years. Made in the USA, Pelle Polare offers insulating covers for all types of hand-wash baskets and in whatever size or color you need. Pelle Polare wraps come in 5, 10, 20, 32, 44, 55, 100, 150, 300, and even up to 1,000-gallon sizes for all your growing and washing needs! Fully customizable branding will have you washing in style, while seamlessly promoting your name. Plenty of colors and options to choose from when designing your very own Pelle Polare. Whatever your insulating needs, Pelle Polare has you covered.

Pelle Polare Custom Branded Brute Wrap

For those home washes, don't even think of using a five-gallon bucket and your 220u work bag, without a Pelle Polare. The difference it makes in eliminating condensation, keeping wash temperatures consistently cold, and significantly cleaning up the look and feel of your home labs is astounding. Drastically cut back on the necessary amount of ice in your five-gallon buckets, Brute cans, and even your oddly shaped, auto-wash machines with wraps made to fit. Even minor impr0vements equate to massive gains in the highly scrutinized art of hashish refinement and consistent temperatures are key.

Pelle Polare
Fellow Hash Maker's Branded Pelle Polarre

Pelle Polare is for keeping that ice water colder for longer! And for those custom shaped 5-20 gallon automatic washers? Well auto-washers, we have you covered like a Polar Bear's Skin (not pictured is the top lid or "beanie" skin also available):

5 Gallon Automatic Washer with Pelle Polare skin and optional top covering available!

Unlike the competitors, Pelle Polare uses Neoprene, rather than Scuba, since Neoprene far outperforms the older scuba material. Neoprene is a “closed cell” rubber-based product with polyester or nylon fabric on both sides. It is a military grade product used by deep dive suit companies, NASA, and Navy seals. The “scuba”/koozie type material used by our competitors (which is why they are a little cheaper) is an “open cell” product used in cheap wet suits and other clothing. For the surfers out there, you can understand the immense improvement of modern neoprene wet suits. The same technology allowing wet suit thicknesses to be cut in half, provides incomparable results for temperature control.


Clear Testing Results

With a neoprene insulator surrounding an average five-gallon bucket, the side by side comparison is clearly graphed below:

You can see that the first half hour is when the temperature increase is the greatest without insulation. This first half hour-to an hour can make all the difference in the world for those light first washes. While you can see the consistent improvement with the Pelle Polare insulator, it maintains the coldest possible temperatures during the most critical moments of washing. Maintaining the coldest possible wash temperatures with less ice means less damage done to trichomes. Less ice, lower utility bills, more consistent water temperatures, and you already know the rest... BETTER HASHISH!

Product Longevity

The Pelle Polares are hand crafted with longevity in mind for both the items it insulates, as well as your Pelle itself. Thanks to the durable over-sized plastic zippers, your Pelle can be easily unzipped and removed for washing. Make sure to remove your Pelle and turn it inside out to dry. You can rinse it with clean water and when necessary soak the Pelle in warm water with a mild detergent like Woolite. Hang dry on a wide hanger to prevent creasing or lay flat to dry. This will keep your Pelle looking nice, while ensuring the Neoprene lasts years into the future.

Commercial Set-up, Stainless Steel Pots and Pelle Polare Insulation

Commercial and Grow-House Application

Rocking a Commercial build that requires 55 gallon tanks, barrels, and drums? No problem, as they have all shapes and sizes to set you up right. Pelle Polare can cut commercial costs when wrapping your reservoirs. Protect your valuable nutrients from UV harm, while keeping them cooler for less. Eliminate dripping condensation entirely, while reducing those surging utility bills with Pelle Polare in 1,000 gallon sizes.

Custom Deluxe Wash Model

For those looking for a serious upgrade from plastic trash bins, Pelle Polare now offers custom built washing containers with all the options a Hash maker could ever desire. Set-up your complete commercial hand-washing lab, or order one for yourself and take home washes into the professional realms with stainless steel, insulated wash bins now by Pelle Polare.

Custom Hand-Wash Stainless Steel or Plastic Systems

Brought to you through a special collaboration between @pelle_polare and @solventlessbnv, the Deluxe polished and refined hand wash vessels you have been waiting for are here! The newest TRIPLE-PLY Pelle Polare System has 12gA food grade stainless steel walls and an inch and a half drain valve that is even with the floor, providing full drainage with a custom Pelle false bottom (Our false bottoms are now available in 10, 20, 32, 44, and 55-gallon barrels). Choose the optional sight glass, temperature gauge, or the 220u mesh drop in work screen, and have everything shipped safe and secure in a Real Crate to protect your investment. Backed by top flight customer service and you have yourself a no-brainer shopping Pelle Polare.


The Pelle Polare can be used in numerous applications. Anything from insulating a Deep Water Culture bucket to turning a five-gallon bucket into an ice cooler without all the bulk. Wrap everything from five gallon buckets to 1,000 gallon reservoir tanks. Check out their store for accessories and the latest hash maker's gear, like their insulated and waterproof Lab Jackets. Clean up your lab, clean up your hash, look good, feel good, stay cool, and make better hash when equipped with Pelle Polare!

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