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Wicked Fresh New Merch from Some of Hashish's Very Best

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

What up hash world? With loads of dope new merch, I couldn't help but put the word out. Check out Humboldt Kine Farms new website right here and grab yourself a piece of cannabis merch from the earliest days of solventless glory. Having won numerous Emerald Cups for Ice Water Hash and Rosin (and now with several different brands) the Kine is clearly in high demand.

four different colored t shirts with humboldtkinefarms logo.
HKF Tees. Click Photo for Link to Store...

Sporting much of the merch throughout the new Youtube series "Growing For Hash," here's your chance to stand-out and proudly pronounce your wise decision to support the best. Head over to and secure your limited edition Summer 2023 gear. If you look like the farmer, you just might grow cannabis as good as one of Humboldt's best.

..well, not really, but you will look like you belong.

Hoodies in several dope new colorways are now in stock. There are limited numbers in each color, but if they still are showing, they're still in stock. He also has several long sleeve shirts in various colorways, a few short-sleeve shirts, and a new logo design. An updated @HumboldtKineFarms logo is available and is printed on the same products and colors as the original.

As always, Peace, Love, & Hashish from Make sure to subscribe for all future notifications and if you yourself are a hash brand, let's get you on the blog! We're always looking for killer hash. And so we're always looking for killer hash makers that are interested in doing an article as continues to grow.

Thanks to the hardcore followers who have been here since day one. Much more is on the horizon.



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