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Why American Made Quartz is More expensive - U.S. Quartz Bangers vS. Imports: The end all Article

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

American quartz and imported quartz options differ in several ways, including quality, purity, and price. The use of high quality materials, strict quality control measures, and innovative designs make American quartz superior to imported options. In this article, we will explore these differences in detail and discuss the benefits of choosing American-made quartz over imported options, while showing why American made Quartz bangers/slurpers/blenders hold greater value (and more importantly), why China quartz is able to sell for so cheap).

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Overall Rising Costs

In the past few years, the Quartz stone market experienced sizable growth with a high demand for quartz application in commercial building and flooring, another result of Covid-19 (1). The increase of tech devices over the past decade has helped heighten prices, requiring pure quartz crystal for micro-balancing sensors in material science (2). Manufacturing costs have risen along with the cost of raw materials, however the cost of American-made quartz has always been relatively greater than imported options. This is partially due to life longevity, build quality, and heat retention, but it’s also the things you don’t see, the things that do not happen, that you are, in part, paying for.

U.S. Bangers In High Demand with reputations on the line

Despite the higher cost, many consumers are willing to pay a premium for American made quartz bangers or slurpers. This is due in part to the reputation of American artists, but is really the cost of doing business. Consumers know that when they purchase an American made quartz banger, they are getting a product that has been made to the highest standards with the artists name and reputation on the line. Most of the top quartz makers stay sold-out, unable to produce the quality expected in larger quantities. Here’s where imported quartz attempts to fill their place…

It took a handful of years to develop usable models that hold up to the rigors of daily use, before settling on quartz as the best material (and the only recommended material) for dabbing hash and rosin. Let’s explore a few aspects to see exactly why American made quartz has a greater value than cheaply-made, imported alternatives and whether it's worth the investment.

Quartz Qualities & Sources

“Quartz refers to a solid, natural crystalline mineral, which is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and is abundantly discovered in various metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. Apart from this, quartz is durable, corrosion-resistant, and highly tolerant to chemical and mineral weathering, on account of which it is extensively employed for manufacturing several electronic products” (3). At present, quartz is commercially available in

"crystals, stones, pebbles, engineered, high-purity, and crucible" types. The cost of raw materials is a major factor in the price of American made quartz bangers.


Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many parts of the world. However, the highest quality quartz is sourced from American mines, which are known for their purity and clarity (4). This high-quality quartz is essential for the production of quartz bangers that are safe for use with cannabis concentrates. American manufacturers are using high-purity quartz from reputable U.S. sources. This ensures that the banger is heat-resistant, long-lasting, and does not contain any impurities that could affect the functionality, safety, or even the taste coming from your bangers and slurpers.


Engineered quartz is man-made by grinding quartz and mixing 90% quartz with resins, polymers, and pigments that make up the other ten percent of “engineered quartz”. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to deciphering the source and quality of imported quartz options, but this may explain the low priced imports and is enough to scare me away from smoking on imported quartz ever again. All of our smoking tools and accessories are yet to be tested or approved for use during cannabis consumption and with vast and increasing demand for glass and quartz, the world is full of bad actors willing to profit at any cost. Eliminating the variables and buying from a trusted local or American source is the safest way to go in an increasingly murky market. As mainstream cannabis takes off, the list of shady practitioners continues to climb.

Imports as american-made? Fakers!

Just when it appeared that U.S. artists were offering high purity American made quartz at rock-bottom pricing, the saying, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" rang true. Some U.S. makers appear to be importing quartz and selling it as American made. Sourcing from China, but building it in the USA, or having it completed in China and selling it under an American label appears to be the latest cash grab in glass/quartz. While it cannot be confirmed, the usual suspects should be watched with a close eye and it's wise to remain skeptical (about everything. Ever.). While U.S. sourced quartz is regulated, the industry itself is unregulated (and only recently tolerated) when intended as smoking accessories. Only the Hash Gods know the truth...

U.S. Regulations Ensure Quality & Safety

American manufacturers adhere to strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that their products meet high standards. This includes using only pure quartz, ensuring that the banger is free of cracks and blemishes, and ensuring that the banger is properly tempered to withstand high temperatures. The result is a high-quality product that is safe, reliable, and durable for long term use. In contrast, imported quartz products are made from lower quality materials that contain impurities, making them less safe and less effective for use, especially in long term applications. The cost of sourcing this high-quality quartz from American mines is passed on to the consumer, but is worth the investment and peace of mind knowing you can torch-away without a worry. This wasn't always the case.

Environmental Harm Versus Responsible Sourcing

Another factor in pricing is the stringent mining regulations in the United States, which ensure that the quartz is sourced in an environmentally responsible manner. This helps to preserve natural resources and ensures that the mining process has minimal, or acceptable levels of pollution or harm to the environment. These regulations and requirements do not exist in other countries, evidenced by large scale pharmaceuticals and precursors being sold and shipped across the world. These same lax regulations have flooded the market with low-quality imported quartz, with no way to decipher the source, the quality, or the makers. Only US artists and US sourced quartz provides this guarantee.

Build Processes Differ

The unique and hand-made manufacturing process of American made quartz bangers adds to increased cost of production. American made quartz bangers are typically made using a proprietary process that involves heating the quartz to extremely high temperatures. This process results in a product that is durable, resistant to cracks, and has a significantly longer lifespan compared to foreign made bangers.

Fully Worked vs. Quickly Welded

The term "fully-worked" encompasses this proprietary process, whereas imported options simply weld two pieces of quartz together creating a weak and easy to break bond, fully-worked bangers turn two pieces of quartz into one. Imported options are known to break in two from even short drops of several inches, requiring additional purchases to continuously replace broken bangers (loads of first-hand experience). American made quartz, and even glass, has shown repeatedly to be more durable than foreign options. In fact, most are amazed at the strength of professionally made bangers and slurpers, which can last years if not decades with proper care and can overcome some serious drops. This process requires significantly more time to manufacture than welded alternatives, well-worth the increase in price.

Quality Control

In addition to the cost of raw materials and the manufacturing process, the quality control measures put in place by American manufacturers are a huge factor in the high price of their quartz. American manufacturers adhere to strict quality control standards, which ensure that each banger is made to the highest quality possible. This includes checks on the purity of the quartz, the consistency of the heating process, and the final product's durability. These quality control methods enable consumers to get what they expect.

2nds & One-Offs Show Perfection for U.S. Made Quartz

Top American made quartz artists adhere to their own strict standards for quality, evident by their selections of “2nds” or “one-offs”. Only pristine pieces that are considered truly flawless are offered as their main options, often-times with one-offs or second quality pieces looking flawless to their new owners. American quartz makers strive to ensure an insane level of precision and detail, often overlooked. This provides peace of mind and a level of trust in the product that does not apply to foreign made, imported bangers.

Consistent Shape

A major aspect of quality control is in regard to the final shape and dimensions of the quartz banger or slurper. Cheaper alternatives using foreign sourced quartz are often misshapen, with the top uneven or warped, making for a poor seal when the carb-cap is applied. Factor in a foreign made carb-cap, equally misshapen and oblong rather than circular, and you have yourself one ineffective seal. Something as simple as the basic shape and proportions are overlooked by imported quartz makers who usually do not use the products they make. And it often shows. American quartz makers strive for perfection, constantly doing R&D and testing everything they make before it sells.

Innovative Designs & Intellectual Property

American manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products, and it results in new and exciting designs that are not available from imported brands. From unique shapes to new and improved heating elements, American-made quartz bangers offer a level of variety long before foreign sources. With imported options copying the well-known designs of many top U.S. brands, the latest shapes and configurations take years to be copied and implemented in mass production for imported options. While this applies more to the glass market than the quartz market, the intellectual property and design for nearly all smoking accessories are copied and stolen by foreign makers. And while these imported options have improved, they are a far cry from the craftsmanship and function of U.S. brands and artists. These cheap knock-offs truly infringe on our greatest glassblower's life-long work and dedication to the cause.

Support The USA

When you purchase American-made quartz bangers, you are supporting American jobs and artists. Buying products made in the USA not only helps to stimulate the economy, but supports the community and culture of cannabis and hash. From the use of high-quality materials to strict quality control measures, American-made quartz bangers offer a level of quality worthy of the finest hash and rosin around.

Daily-Use & Longterm

The high cost of American made quartz bangers is due to a combination of factors, including the cost of raw materials, the manufacturing process, environmental concerns, regulations surrounding sourcing, and quality control measures. Despite the high cost, many consumers are willing to pay a premium for these bangers due to their reputation for high quality, durability, heat retention, consistency and overall expertise. Smokers who have experienced both ends of the spectrum and put them to the test daily for a number of years, usually settle on American-made options that become well worth the initial investment.

Personal Insights

While cheaper sources appeared to be a wise option, for about 1/5th of the price, the rigors of daily use saw one break after another. After spending on four or five cheaply made bangers, while testing a few higher priced options, the winner became quite clear. The money spent to replace cheaper alternatives would have been wiser spent on quality quartz that withstands small drops and performs at the highest level of function. As an everyday smoker I prioritize the money spent for high quality quartz and would steer away from cheaper imported options. Save money on your glass hash pipe, not your quartz.


Today quartz is more important than ever with new solventless hash options requiring fine tuning and exact temperatures. American quartz artists have dialed in the game with pricing that supports their business. The question we should be asking is “why is China quartz so cheap?,” but I believe we have covered the answers. Support your local glassblower and buy American made glass and quartz.

The Hashish Manifesto book hardcover over cannabis greenhouse photo in neon green. Hash Rosin Wax Shatter Retail Cannabis Hashish


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