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Wake Up Missouri, Michigan, & Illinois, Cannifest is Bringing the "Grow & Squish" to The Windy City!

Exciting news!

Hashwriter is joining forces with the Cannifest team to announce the GROW & SQUISH!; A first-of-its-kind, all-inclusive event and competition for Home Growers and Commercial Brands in Missouri, Illinois, and Michigan. Up to 420 growers and "squishers" (rosin makers) will compete in this event, which culminates at the Cannifest EXPO Chicago After-party, where two Grand Prize winners will be awarded $10,000 dollars cash! Ten Grand to the best flower and ten grand for the best rosin! Who's stepping up to the plate?

Two Grand prize winners will be selected, along with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in each of the four categories. This means 12 prizes and places will be handed out in addition to the two big Grand Prize winners. The contest will have four categories in total: Home Grow Flower, Home Grow Rosin, Commercial Flower and Commercial Rosin. Gift Packs and Grow Gear from event sponsors will be awarded to our medalists in each of the four categories. What a time to be alive! Who wants to make history as the first ever Grow and Squish champs? I might even see you there...

Please Note: All samples will receive purity testing prior to judges sampling, so keep it clean and keep it green!

Raising The Bar

While competition will surely be fierce, it's also an opportunity to expose the community to the finer side of cannabis and cannabis refinement. The industry is making massive strides in progress and improvement and this will be an opportunity to meet and interact among the newly functioning Mid-Western hash and cannabis scenes. This is one way to expose more consumers to quality cannabis and solventless rosin, which is helping to elevate the industry nationwide. We're all about quality cannabis and education, and want to share the incredible advancements happening in solventless rosin over the past few years.

The best way to showcase cannabis is through modern techniques of solventless hash and rosin, and of course, through the best flower anyone can grow. They said forget the rest, as the contest is completely solventless. The two highest quality forms of cannabis available will be judged, flower and solventless rosin. Finally, an event without a multitude of low-grade chemical extracts and product infusions, which normally overload competitions with cheap distillate based products. With only flower and rosin to judge, Cannifest Chicago 2022's Grow & Squish is dialed in on the solventless revolution.

All-Inclusive Event For Home Growers Too!

And this one is for everyone! Both commercial brands and the avid home grower will finally have the chance to "put the money where their mouth is" and make a serious mark on this brand new industry. Thanks to massive community support the old laws are falling like dominoes, as the cannabis market continues to pick-up steam. Cannabis history is being made every day and while competition is friendly, the clout that goes along with a Cannifest Trophy is PRICELESS! Industry respect and recognition will be sure to follow the winners in all of their future endeavors. Let's show the people the best of what modern cannabis and hash rosin has to offer!

Oh, and did I mention a win comes with lasting brand-name recognition and dispensary demand to boot? Watching the results of other contests, nothing spells demand like a grand prize champion at one of these events. All the glory, respect, and honor shall descend upon two very lucky Grand Prize winners, in addition to ten-thousand dollars in cash! Who knows maybe the same person will win both categories!