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"Here's Why BHO Is The Best": The Logical Fallacies of BHO-Apologists & Solventless Climate Deniers

There is no doubt that BHO is easier, consistently achieved, & capable of overcoming all sorts of issues solventless cannot, remaining vastly more lucrative and therefore, motives for false scenarios and misinformation run high. We have heard our fair share of excuses, distractions, and manipulative arguments in our day, and finally took the time to thoroughly consider and respond to each. Let’s talk about some of the issues arising from a lack of critical thinking and repeated logical fallacies hindering the minds of the many…

Hasty, Hasty, Hasty

No article on logical fallacies could be complete without admitting and recognizing errors in logic of our own, so let's get it out of the way first. While blanket statements and hasty generalizations are a common logical fallacy, in the early years of retail cannabis, it has been beneficial to error on the side of (extreme) caution. And with the widespread usage of solvents and distillation compared to the highly rare solventless product, we've committed this error in logic, often with great intention.

"For an herb that speaks empathy, reveals higher levels of consciousness, and promotes individualized thinking, this industry is one to pile on the likes we have never seen before."

With BHO/distillate dominating the market's share of products (for a decade), the highly rare solventless products could easily be said to be superior back in 2018 to about 2020-2021. At the same time those who have engorged themselves with Hashwriter rhetoric know that flower rosin and traditional bubble hash has never been my fight, (going as far as to claim Live Resin BHO as a preferred product price-point considered). With that being said, Live Resin made with butane can be incredibly good when quality cannabis material is used. Unfortunately, this is rarely-if-ever the case, with the vast majority of makers using solvents for very good reason. A reason they often try to hang on hash...

Butane Kills The BUGS!

The first of fifteen types of logical fallacies, assumes the circumstance of the BHO maker as equal or similar to that of the solventless hash maker. A common example many have pointed to (which truly hurts their case) makes claims of contaminated cannabis, bacteria, and even pests as a problem and an issue in the flower the solventless method doesn't solve. True, but truly grasping for straws as this only helped to reveal "Remediation".


Butane surely kills parasites, however this is a major divider in the quality of the starting herb. While chemical solvents allow producers to extract THC from trimmings and bulk scrap materials, they continually experience these types of rather unappealing cannabis. Cannabis that has been tested and labeled contaminated, can undergo remediation techniques using chemical solvents, while solventless producers cannot attempt to use contaminated materials to begin with! The C.R.C. column is the latest favorite for "remediating" rotten cannabis.

It’s no wonder these Ad Hominem/hypocritical concerns incorrectly attempt to place similar concerns on both parties, while this admission should have everyone taking a long hard look at where their products come from. Samples sent for testing that fail, still become the edibles and vape pens widely consumed on retail markets, making solvent-capabilities terrifying on the free market.

Proof of Power

Cannabis containing pests, bacteria, mold, or mildew never make it anywhere near the ice water wash. The quality required to yield ice water products refrains from attempting to use cannabis scraps. In fact, with bubble hash being around since the seventies, solvents allowed producers to profit from trim, while solventless was forced to lay dormant, waiting decades for fresh-frozen harvests of whole crops (not trim) to arrive.

Problems We Never Knew We Had

This could carry over into the logical fallacy of the straw-man argument as well, considering the concerns and potential impact simply doesn’t apply to both parties. More common to this area of thought, is the mysterious new problem we never knew we had: waxes, fats, & lipids. These commonly come up as arguments for why a BHO product is superior or preferable, however none of these elements of the plant have ever been a concern prior. The only reason these were ever removed was simply due to the systems of chemical solvent extraction. No one has ever said, “Gee, we need to smoke this cannabis flower without the waxes, fats, and lipids.” Never happened. It just so happened to be the result of chemical solvent extractions winterization process, and is a lifeless argument to be ignored.

Water is A Solvent (Terpenes are Solvents)

While this one should come later, it’s just too much fun not to tackle now. At some point in almost any discussion with a BHO fan, the time comes when they utilize the scarecrow tactic to inform me that water is indeed a solvent. And/or terpenes are solvents. This argument is useless, and can be debunked by the very fact that no solvent processes occur during ice water refinement.

When something is water soluble, it is solvent in water. When butane/propane/ethanol melts trichomes from the plant, they’re acting as solvents in the dissolution of the trichome-gland. When something is non-water soluble such as cannabis trichomes (in addition to being frozen), the water acts as a carrier, but never as a solvent. Whole cannabis trichomes naturally break free from the plant while submerged in water, and the water is poured through filters (think cheesecloth) to remove the trichomes it helped to carry.

Residual Solvents

While no one wants to smoke residual butane leftover from extraction, the solvent aspect is not our reasoning for solventless superiority. It is one reason, a reason commonly overlooked by BHO apologists and when confirmed, causes ridiculous/hypocritical/incorrect attempts to "sling-mud."

Appeal To Ignorance

An appeal to ignorance is another go-to tactic for solventless-deniers. The prior example fits well into this type of fallacy, pointing to the universal fact that water can at times, for certain materials such as sugar, be a solvent. This proves nothing and only works to reveal the appeal to ignorance, without an accurate understanding of the methods or actions in use. Feel free to clarify by offering your contemporaries a tall cold glass of ice water and a second glass of butane, propane, or hexane, inviting them to drink the similar "solvents" up. Everyone seems to forget that we consume cannabis when water is compared to harsh chemical solvents.

False Dilemmas or false dichotomies are another polarizing tactic, demonizing otherwise ignored elements (we’re talking fats, lipids, etc), while postulating on the unknown need to remove these elements. This is also referred to as a farce, and a mighty farce indeed, until testing tells us anything otherwise. While fats, waxes, and lipids may apply to the smoke-ability of vape cartridges (highly doubtful), it doesn’t apply to hash or rosin, yet is used as a global argument against the solventless method (and even toward newer patented solventless products).

Circular Arguments

Here’s one of my very favorites. Hashwriter has battled an endless list of bho-pologists in his day, and one very distinct feature of all these confrontations remains consistent throughout. At times it takes some digging, but is always evidenced: The Circular Argument. Someone who is financially tied to the success or failure of solvent based extracts, often comfortable in their sales of bulk trim and biomass, rarely acknowledge the picture clearly. Everyone seeking the truth for their own knowledge, are promptly swayed from solvents and led back to the promised land of ice water refinement.

Rare but frequent enough, is the all or nothing argument (aka false dilemma) that ignores a long list of logical and argumentative facts. This is the guy saying, since you can't prove to me solventless is better, my own opinion and preference must be truer than your long list of valid arguments, experiences, insights, warnings, & revelations. These are the types that like to mail T-shirts to your house, comfortable in their ability to photograph cannabis that looks like methamphetamine. Thanks Bud.

Always remember the source:

“I own a BHO brand, therefore solventless is just hype" (False).

The hasty generalization is one logical fallacy that both parties, in fact all parties, can be held responsible for. It was briefly mentioned before, but in effort to avoid hasty generalizations, remember the argument for solventless superiority holds true for live hash rosin and six star hash, and otherwise it’s of no concern. When top quality cannabis flower is used, any technique can yield quality cannabis products, however when the quality of the cannabis is on this level, there is no need for harsh chemical solvent extraction. Ice and water will lead to a superior product containing whole trichomes, with terpene and cannabinoid contents identical to the freshly harvested plant. Solventless hash makers are constantly looking for the very best batches of fresh frozen cannabis to refine, while the typical BHO and distillate provider sources trim, trash, and biomass.

Non-Washers Suddenly Wash: WOW!

The last vestige of an argument holding on for dear life, lays claim to BHO as necessary for certain varieties of cannabis. While there is no doubt that a select style of genetic is copacetic for solventless use, we have also seen a long list of supposed "non-washers," sold as solventless products later that year. Taking all of your information from those who are manipulating you into sales is never ideal. Lesson learned.

Manipulating The Crop

The ability to manipulate the cannabis does not exist for solventless providers and the method itself is a safeguard against the use of biomass, trim, and trash. While a fresh frozen harvest of high quality cannabis can result in a quality product, this is not the intent or the aim of the market’s majority of solvent-based makers. From edibles to vaporizer cartridges, the market is made-up of “organic, artisan, premium, craft-quality,” distillate from bulk cannabis biomass and remediated waste. And to be totally transparent, fresh-frozen cannabis intended for Live Resin sells for considerably less than fresh frozen cannabis meant for ice water refinement. Fact.

By deflecting attention away from their own deficiencies in cannabis quality, ie. mold, mildew, and parasites, this is an attempt to distract from the argument, by casting doubt on solventless methods' ability to deal with problems they do not face. This argument would assume that all cannabis is riddled with mildew and mold prior to extraction and therefore, only chemical solvents can effectively remediate it. Again, an admission of their own deficiencies that solventless methods are unconcerned with.

Follow Me To Mediocrity

The bandwagon fallacy has had a greater effect on the cannabis consuming world than one could ever imagine. For an herb that speaks empathy, reveals higher levels of consciousness, and promotes individualized thinking, this industry is one to pile on the likes we have never seen before. While solventless is now popular, it took some serious convincing to interest others and was the furthest thing from "hype". In fact it was finally the truth and the first transparent product to hit the retail cannabis world.

If a product is truly exceptional and we all buy it, no fallacy holds true, however when the vast majority of products fail to be effective, yet everyone buys one, it’s time to reevaluate motives. When junky and potentially dangerous plastic dab rigs that go for double a fair price can’t stay in stock, and when IR temperature readers are ineffective and touch sensors are the obvious solution, it’s been a follow the leader toward ever-greater mediocrity. And the quality of cannabis products reflects this...

America… Follow us toward increasing mediocrity.

America- Home of the Scared, Land of the behaved.


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Jun 27, 2022

This is epic. So on point.

Nov 03, 2022
Replying to

Thx G. Appreciate you leaving a comment.


Matt M
Matt M
Jun 26, 2022

Another banger article! What are your thoughts on propane hydrocarbon live resin? I'm trying to find the best live resin for when I don't wanna break the bank on rosin.

Jun 26, 2022
Replying to

Humboldt Terp Council BHO for the win ONLY.

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