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"Here's Why BHO Is The Best": The Logical Fallacies of BHO-Apologists & Solventless Climate Deniers

There is no doubt that BHO is easier, consistently achieved, & capable of overcoming all sorts of issues solventless cannot, remaining vastly more lucrative and therefore, motives for false scenarios and misinformation run high. We have heard our fair share of excuses, distractions, and manipulative arguments in our day, and finally took the time to thoroughly consider and respond to each. Let’s talk about some of the issues arising from a lack of critical thinking and repeated logical fallacies hindering the minds of the many…

Hasty, Hasty, Hasty

No article on logical fallacies could be complete without admitting and recognizing errors in logic of our own, so let's get it out of the way first. While blanket statements and hasty generalizations are a common logical fallacy, in the early years of retail cannabis, it has been beneficial to error on the side of (extreme) caution. And with the widespread usage of solvents and distillation compared to the highly rare solventless product, we've committed this error in logic, often with great intention.

"For an herb that speaks empathy, reveals higher levels of consciousness, and promotes individualized thinking, this industry is one to pile on the likes we have never seen before."

With BHO/distillate dominating the market's share of products (for a decade), the highly rare solventless products could easily be said to be superior back in 2018 to about 2020-2021. At the same time those who have engorged themselves with Hashwriter rhetoric know that flower rosin and traditional bubble hash has never been my fight, (going as far as to claim Live Resin BHO as a preferred product price-point considered). With that being said, Live Resin made with butane can be incredibly good when quality cannabis material is used. Unfortunately, this is rarely-if-ever the case, with the vast majority of makers using solvents for very good reason. A reason they often try to hang on hash...

Butane Kills The BUGS!

The first of fifteen types of logical fallacies, assumes the circumstance of the BHO maker as equal or similar to that of the solventless hash maker. A common example many have pointed to (which truly hurts their case) makes claims of contaminated cannabis, bacteria, and even pests as a problem and an issue in the flower the solventless method doesn't solve. True, but truly grasping for straws as this only helped to reveal "Remediation".