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Crediting California's Craft Cultivators as Mass Media Misses the Mark

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

There's a whole lot that turns my stomach in the industry that is cannabis, far more than I'll ever reveal. Other than sharing the gift that is ice water hash and explaining the revolutionary concepts, my writing from day one has been fueled by outrage, frustration, and disgust at any number of things. With the introduction of solventless hash and rosin in 2018, there was finally an option -a solution if you will- to validate my many criticisms as now necessary and constructive. As a writer and member of the media in some menial capacity, I must say that our cannabis publications and main media sources might be the grossest aspect of the whole sha-bang.

A Dab of Ice Water Hashish. Made with water.

It's one thing to sell your harvest and run your trim through distillate to make a fortune. It's quite another to dive into bed with them, pushing and promoting their products, without regard for the consumer-base you serve. How do hyped-up articles about garbage products and brands do any justice to the readers and paid subscribers? Instead they continue to lead consumers down a path of ineffective products from mass-producers only concerned with the bottom line. Brands used to pay for advertising space along the margins and in the classifieds at the rear of the magazine, but somewhere along the line major magazines and publications went wildly astray from their journalistic duty to accurately inform and update the reader.

Facebook and Google's "overreaching ambitions to supplant professional journalism on the internet," by "inserting themselves between publishers and their populations" is potentially disastrous, as we have learned (Zuboff 506). There was a time when cannabis publications were worthwhile and served their readers. The internet ended the medias stronghold of voices and opinions, leading to paid promotions as articles in a declaration of "fuck-it". Regardless of cause and effect, cannabis publications maintain zero journalistic integrity to the plant in today's industry. In a grand reversal of fashion, it is the general public advancing the plant out of passion, while our cannabis publications remain several years behind the times. Pretty wild to watch even cannabis mass-media sell out to paid articles from some of the worst brands around.

Normally it is the lackluster group of bloggers and social media pundits who spread misinformation bypassing "trusted publishers." When the publisher isn't to be trusted, we build our own called

What gets me to write an article on this subject out of nowhere, exhausted and burnt out from a long day of smoking good hash is the farms. The real farms. California events and award shows are always handing trophies right back to whoever pays the most in sponsorship fees, and on the highly rare occasion that a large publication covers a Humboldt County Farm, it's always some largely unknown and obscure farm without their own products or branding, who are awarded a blue ribbon. Likely it's whoever pumps out the most mid grade crap to make distillate for vaporizer brands, who can pay for an article and are written up as lord and savior, the best to ever do it, the finest cannabis around, completely neglecting and ignoring a plethora of immaculate craft-cultivators who have accelerated this culture and it's hardcore industry to what are still, even after four years on retail shelves, clearly unimaginable new heights.

hash garden
@Southfacefarms Hash Garden

At a time when cannabis has attained new possibilities through the solventless method, the small Humboldt and Emerald Triangle farmers tucked in and behind the Redwood Curtain are creating the finest fresh-frozen cannabis for making hashish in the world. Now, Humboldt and the Emerald Triangle have long held the title of cannabis mecca, something not to be taken lightly, but indoor cannabis blows away all of the legend and lore. I'm an indoor guy, growing up in Colorado, that is until everything changed. It wasn't until the solventless method was scaled in the last few years, that anyone realized the new value, the true value of the climate's sun grown cannabis for ice-water hashish.

Nowhere else on Earth has contributed to cannabis like Humboldt County, and yet it's going unnoticed by the larger cannabis media. In my short stint in Humboldt County I can list farms that have helped change the game and deserve every page of recognition inside every cannabis magazine, publication, or newspaper around. And yet time after time these writers completely miss the mark of what's going on and where the plant and its longtime consumers are heading. They feed and lead the "hive mind" as it inevitably snowballs away from quality.

*Here's a list of some of the finest craft cultivators, responsible for much of the solventless industry:

  • @EmeraldQueenFarms

  • @humboldtkinefarms

  • @booney_acres

  • @SouthFaceFarms

  • @ABRFarms

  • @HashandFlowers

  • @The_Emerald_Kid

  • @SabertoothFarms

  • @Talkingtreesfarms

After so many years of calling cannabis cannabis, without regard for the damaging extraction techniques or the lack of key, crucial components missing from the plant to the products, these guys still view all cannabis as cannabis when that is anything but the case. It's going on a steady four or five years now of constant solventless options available in even decent dispensaries around the state and the only article we see that even mentions a solventless producer is mixed in with a group of BHO brands (Leafly). The absurdity. Oh the absurdity.

Are our premier publishers and journalists really this clueless? Yes, in the vast majority of cases (unless they read Or, are these narratives intentionally chosen and utilized as “profit-driven” propaganda, nudging and tuning consumers through "surveillance capitalism's" preferred form of behavior control?



*Feel free to add to my list in the comments

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Dec 12, 2021


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